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Replacement Titles

How Do I ... How Do I ...
Motor Vehicle Forms Motor Vehicle Forms

To apply for a replacement title in Gwinnett County, the vehicle must have a current title on record in your name in the state of Georgia, and you must reside in Gwinnett County.

If you have moved out of state, and the last title issued for your vehicle was in the state of Georgia, you may apply for a replacement title in Gwinnett as long as your last Georgia address was a Gwinnett address. If your last Georgia address was a county other than Gwinnett, you must contact that county to apply for a replacement title.

If your vehicle is currently titled in another state, you must contact that state to obtain a replacement title.

Note: Once a replacement title has been issued, any previous title is null and void.

Title Application (Form MV-1

  • All owners on the title must sign the title application. 
  • If any owner is not able to visit a Gwinnett County tag office, the form can be filled out online, printed and signed.
  • The original title application must be submitted with all owners’ signatures.
  • The owner may complete a Limited Power of Attorney form (Form T-8) to authorize another person to sign on their behalf.

Note: The original, notarized Limited Power of Attorney must be submitted.

Lien/Security Interest Release

  • If your vehicle previously had a lien that has been released, you will need to bring a Lien Release form (Form T-4with an original signature (no photocopies or faxes) that has been completed by your lien holder.
  • If any lien or security interest has not been satisfied, an application for replacement title may still be processed, but the title will be sent to the lien or security interest holder.  


The current mileage of the vehicle is needed, or the mileage shown on the previous Georgia title will be carried over to the replacement.

Valid Georgia Driver’s License or Georgia Identification Card of the Current Titled Owner(s)

  • All owners on the title must present a valid Georgia DL or Georgia ID Card.
  • If any owner is not able to visit a Gwinnett County tag office, a legible photocopy of the Georgia DL or Georgia ID Card is required.
  • If you need information on how to obtain a Georgia DL or Georgia ID Card, click here.

Valid Out-of-State Driver’s License or Out-of-State Issued Identification Card

  • If you have moved out of state and have changed your driver’s license or identification card, you must submit a legible photocopy of the out-of-state license or ID card with your application.  


  • A fee of $8 is required if the title application is processed at a Gwinnett County tag office.
  • If there are outstanding fees such as unpaid ad valorem taxes or insurance lapse/suspension fees, those fees will be collected prior to processing an application for a replacement title.
  • When applying by mail, send all required documents along with a check, cashier’s check or money order to:
Gwinnett County Tax Commissioner
PO Box 829
Lawrenceville, GA 30046-0829

 Additional Information 

Under normal circumstances, the information provided above is required to process an application for a replacement title. Other documentation may be required upon review of the paperwork.


Updated 10/2/2013